“Stan is a master at linking abstract truths and discoveries to specific business applications. What could be more useful? He is a national treasure.” - John Naisbitt, futurist

Frank Piller about "Innovation and Mass Customization", "Customers Innovation for Companies" and "What is a Configurator?".

Mitchell Tseng about "The Future of Mass Customization".

"So it's imperative that you create a design tool - and really turn it into a design experience; so that every customer can get exactly what they want at a price they are willing to pay.."

"What we like to do is to think of personalization not as a private event but as a collective thing ..."

"The biggest mistakes mass customizers make is overwhelming the customizers with too much choice..."

"We can say many things about Mass Customization; but one fundamental question that we have to adress is how does it create value for the customer und for the supplier ..."

„The social component of the Toolkits approach is very important. What we found is, that Toolkits are more and more the center of online communities…”