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The Configurator Database Project was startet in 2007 with the aim to give an overview about the world of web-based customization tools. Updating the content and adding new configuration solutions continuously this platform grew to the biggest online collection of configurators with more than 1000 entries listed and categorized in 16 different industries. Video interviews and definitions extend the understanding of configurators and mass customization.

Feel free to contact us via Facebook, Twitter, email or letter if you found missing web-based configurators and help us to keep the spirit of configuration alive.

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Brand Product Industry Country Order Online
1 Zoara Ring Accessories US Online Order
2 aletoware.de PC Electronics & Media DE Online Order
3 JasonL Furniture House & Garden AU Online Order
4 My Tailor.com Shirt Apparel US Online Order
5 Swook Case Accessories DE Online Order
6 Yourplayingcards.com Playing Cards Entertainment US Online Order
7 Blackpier Mixed Clothing Apparel HK Online Order
8 800 Bear.com Soft Toy Kids & Babies US Online Order
9 Pieno Door House & Garden AT Online Order
10 Becker's Jewelry Accessories US Online Order
Brand Product Industry Country Order Online
1 Nike Sneaker Footwear US Online Order
2 Adam Opel Car Automobile & Vehicles DE N
3 You design it Mixed Clothing Apparel US Online Order
4 Bugatti Car Automobile & Vehicles FR N
5 Coco Myles Dress Apparel US Online Order
6 cupboardyourway.co.uk Furniture House & Garden DE Online Order
7 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Automobile & Vehicles US N
8 Suzuki Car Automobile & Vehicles AT N
9 Clopay Door House & Garden US N
10 bitboard Cutting Board Unusual Products CH Online Order
Brand Product Industry Country Order Online
1 Mein Kuscheltier Tagebuch Diary Kids & Babies FR Online Order
2 Artistic Checks Check Book Paper & Office US Online Order
3 Brewtopia Label Food AU Online Order
4 fabidoo 3D Products Mixed Products DE Online Order
5 Goodluckgift Horse Shoe Unusual Products NL Online Order
6 my m&m's Chocolate Food US Online Order
7 SQ2 Drum System Drum Set Entertainment DE N
8 Stoff-Reich Dirndl Apparel DE Online Order
9 Tiny Pocket People Doll Unusual Products SE Online Order