The Configurator Database Project has startet in 2007 with the aim to give an overview about the world of web-based customization tools. Updating the content and adding new configuration solutions continuously this platform grew to the biggest online collection of configurators with more than 1200 entries listed and categorized in 17 different industries.

I love the Configurator Database! How can I contribute to the project?

As mass customization and configurators are becoming common currency worldwide, our configurator database is evolving rapidly. So cyLEDGE decided to make the database project available for everyone. As this resource continues to expand, we’ll always have an open ear for your suggestions. But you can also contribute in many other ways: 
Facebook, Twitter or email: office[at]cyledge.com

Help us grow the website

If you’re part of the international community working in this area and would like to post a blog entry, add a configurator to the database or send us an expert interview, do get in touch with us.

Spread the word

Whether you write for the New York Times, publish academic papers or have a blog, mention us and describe your experience with the Configurator Database. With discussion, debate and research playing such an important part in getting configurators to work in practise, your contribution matters to everyone in the field! But please remember: We encourage academic and non-commercial citations. If you want to refer or use the Configurator Database for commercial purposes than you have to get our written permission to do so (see terms of use).

Academic Citation:
cyLEDGE Media (2022), “Configurator Database“,
available at: www.configurator-database.com, Vienna.
(incl. date of access).